More About Our Baby Dribble Bibs

We make super soft, absorbent bibs for your baby. Our bibs suit ages 3 months to 3 years.

Our bibs are constructed in two layers. One layer is 100% organic cotton, the second layer is polyester fleece. Made from recycled polyester so it is ethically friendly.

Our range of bib includes popular animals such as foxes, elephants, cows and much more. Your child is bound to recognise their favourite animal amongst our range.

The popper buttons are nickel-free and child friendly.

The styling we most prefer is the bandana style of bib. We find this type of bib most suitable for a wandering baby as they can be worn all day and all night, with quick and easy changing guaranteed by unpopping the buttons.

For boys most of our customers like plain dribble bibs in blue and navy blue, with perhaps some animal and fun prints in the order.

For girls our customers seem to like floral dribble bibs and plain colours in pink, lilac and red.

For people purchasing in a neutral colour scheme we also have yellows, grays, blacks and white. We really do think we have a range to suit every little one.

What age should I consider getting a bib for my baby?

Anywhere from newborn onward! Naturally as your baby starts teething he or she will begin to dribble a lot more. After doing some market research we have found that children most enjoy our baby bibs between the age of 3 months to three years, however they can be worn until you see fit.

Are your bibs fashionable?

We like to think so! We have designed our range of bibs to stand out. To be vibrant and fun. We find that many mums like to match their dribble bibs to their little one's outfit. Infact we are constantly bombarded with pictures of little one's wearing our items.

Are your bibs absorbent?

They certainly are. We guarantee our range will last a day whilst worn continuously. No more having to change it once every two hours. We 100% guarantee this!

What styles of bib do you make?

We have a few different styles. Firstly we have the bandana style. These typically go around your baby's neck and look a little bit like a bandana from a spaghetti western. Hence the name bandana bib! Secondly we have food bibs. These type are designed specifically to catch crumbs, food and more whilst your little one is feeding in the kitchen and tend to be made from eco-friendly silicone or moulded recycled plastic and are rigid in design, but very useful. We are also making a range of newborn bibs to suit 0 - 3 months, these will be a lot smaller than our other range and are guaranteed to be super soft. Finally we have full length aprons, these are made using our double layer technique but are a bigger length, perfect for tea time and to mop up those spills.

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